Woman in Battle with Animal Control Over ‘Wolf-Dogs’

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Seven animals, seized last month from a home in Esparto and believed to be wolf-hybrids, remain at Animal Services on Wednesday night.

An eighth animal was determined by the county to not be the illegal mix of both wolf and dog, and has been returned to its owner. But the battle over these animals is far from over.

Shandale White, 24, was in court Tuesday for her appeal. The county did DNA testing on one of her animals, which came back positive for being a wolf-hybrid.

"The concern is about rabies and that you can't vaccinate those animals," said Chief Animal Services Officer Vicky Fletcher. "There is a health and wellness issue and there have also been some problems with aggression."

On Tuesday, the county presented evidence that White and a business partner bred the animals to sell on the Internet. Sometimes getting as much as $1,800 for a puppy, and knowing full-well they were running an illegal business.

White says the claims are not true and wants her animals back.

"I wasn't trying to sell them. I was babysitting the dogs for a friend," she explained.

"They wouldn't give me any of my other dogs back, even though they were huskies and shepherd, and they were licensed here in Yolo County."

Animal Services says they've been in contact with several rescues who are willing to take the animals.