Drivers on Busy Travel Weekend Unsettled by Wrong-Way Crashes

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Many drivers who must negotiate area highway during the busy Memorial Day Weekend have one thing on their minds, wrong way drivers.

Fourteen people have been killed this year in wrong way accidents in the Sacramento region.

“I’ve never been so scared driving," Shannon Stady said.

Stady says she knew one of the victims in a recent Roseville wrong way crash.

Elena Davidson is anxious this weekend. She doesn't like feeling helpless.

“I have control over myself, but I don’t have control over other people and it does concern me," said Davidson.

Alejandro Valasquez says he'll stay off highways and freeways when possible this weekend and especially after midnight when most of the wrong way accidents occurred.

“Ever since this has been happening I’ve definitely been looking out," said Valasquez.

The approach of the holiday weekend brought an admonition from Valasquez.

"I don't mind if you have a little drink, but don't drink and drive. Stay off the road," said Valasquez.

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