Holiday Alcohol Ban Good for Rafting Businesses

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American River Raft Rentals in Rancho Cordova will see a holiday bump in business this weekend, but not just because its Memorial Day Weekend, but because alcohol is banned on Sacramento area rivers.

"We get a lot of families who want to come out, they know they won't have to deal with the water fights are having drunk people in the raft next to them," manager Kent Hansen said.

Hansen added they will see about a 30 percent increase in rentals because of the holiday weekend.

The same goes for the Sac State Aquatic Center at Lake Natoma.

"We'll get about 800-900 renters this weekend, that's normally what we see in the summer when the weather is much warmer," Stephanie Beachley said.

Lake Natoma is a state park so there is never alcohol allowed.

The aquatic center also requires renters to take a safety class depending on the piece of equipment they want to check out, and all users much have a life jacket on at all times.

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