Report Blames FedEx Driver in Orland Crash

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The California Highway Patrol Friday announced the results of its year-long investigation into the fiery Orland bus crash that killed 10 people and injured 39 others.

"The underlying cuase of the crash was driver Timothy Evans, the driver of the Fed Ex truck, allowing his vehicle to travel across the median in an unsafe turning movement," Nate Parsons with California Highway Patrol said.

CHP has not been able to conclusively determine why Evans veered onto the wrong side of Interstate 5 on April14, 2014, but they said he did not apply brakes or steer away from the school tour bus before the crash.

CHP said they believed an unknown medical condition, driver fatigue or sleepiness may have played a role.

"It is a huge issue. I think it's the main issue is fatigue. You become a zombie after so many hours. You stare at the white lines and all of a sudden they hypnotize you. You're losing sight of what you're seeing," Robert Smith said.

Smith told FOX40 he has driven big rigs for 26 years, often making the same long haul Evans was on that fateful afternoon. He said truck drivers are required by law to take a 10 hour break after every 11 hours on the road.

"It's hard to cheat the system. I mean you have to stop. But what you do when you stop, God knows. There's nothing that says you have to sleep when you stop. Who says they're sleeping or resting?" Smith said.

That kind of uncertainty is exactly what is plaguing many of the surviving victims and their families tonight.

"We don't have all the answers we were looking for. What these families feel will never be closure," said Evelin Jimenez, sister of crash victim Ishmael Jimenez.

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