91-Year-Old Veteran Killed in Brutal Home Invasion Honored on Memorial Day

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Hundreds of people gathered at the El Dorado County Veterans Memorial for the 10th annual Memorial Day commemoration.

"Far too many are wounded, and far too many return home in a casket covered by our flag," said retired Lt. Colonel Charles Brown, who was the guest speaker at the event. "These men and women, we remember on Memorial Day."

One in 10 El Dorado County citizens have served in the military. Many of them came to the ceremony, placing carnations on bricks to honor their loved ones.

It was an especially emotional time for the Holdermans. Monday was their first Memorial Day without their patriarch.

Gerald Holderman of Diamond Springs wore many hats -- husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather. He was also a Marine.

"He always said, 'Once a Marine, always a Marine.' He was a strict Marine. And I'm proud of him," his wife, Faye Holderman, said.

Gerald Holderman was a dive bomber gunner in World War II. But it was not the war that killed him.

This January, he and his wife Faye were brutally attacked by intruders. Faye recovered, but Gerald died of his injuries months later.

"It's our first one, so it's a struggle," his son Jerry said. "We feel for the rest of the families in the world that have gone through this already, so it really touches the heart."

On this somber holiday, the community came together to pay tribute to the Holdermans with a new plaque at the front of the memorial.

"It's a great honor," Jerry said. "The veterans here in El Dorado County are probably some of the best in the world. They've supported the families They've supported us. My dad was a big part of that."

No arrests have been made for the attack of the Holdermans. If you have any information regarding this crime, call the El Dorado County Sheriff's Department at (530) 621-5655