Holiday Campers Who Waited Out Rain Rewarded with Beautiful Weather

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It was a wet holiday weekend for many campers in the Sierra. Thunderstorms hit Friday, Saturday and Sunday before skies cleared Monday.

Many campers and boaters at Jenkinson Lake near Pollock Pines said Memorial Day had the best weather.

"Oh it's beautiful, you know, there were a couple of clouds ... in the background, but other than that, it's been sunny, got some sunburn, it's a good day," Chuck King, from Elk Grove, said.

But those clouds were much grayer on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

"Came up Friday night, got here about 8:30, and it was kind of sprinkling," said Carolyn McMaster, who thought she and her family would be fine camping at Jenkinson, until it started to rain heavier. "Midnight it really started raining, went out, covered all the wood and then the next morning it rained again."

Carolyn Bringhurst lives in Pollock Pines and said every year the lake sells out with campers, but few stay the whole weekend.

"They all get thunder and lightning out, and then they all go rushing out, and it's nice, and we come Memorial Day and there's nobody here. So it's great for us," Bringhurst said.

"Lake was like glass (Monday), probably about the first three hours, very few people out, maybe three, four boats on the water," said King, who drove his boat up just for the day, and took advantage of the quiet lake to try to catch some fish. "Fish were not biting, at least they weren't biting what we were putting out there."

Meanwhile, McMaster said she's glad to didn't give up in the rain because Monday was well worth the wait.

"You got to stick out the bad times to get the good," McMaster said.