Police, Park Rangers Stay Busy on Memorial Day Weekend

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Police and park rangers kept busy patrolling the American River Parkway this Memorial Day weekend.

"It's been busy but manageable for the park ranger staff," said Sergeant Chris Kemp.

Kemp told FOX40 right after he cut down a rope swing at Discovery Park, someone installed a new one. A woman injured her neck on the new rope swing and was rushed to a local hospital.

"There's a lot of miles of parkway and only a couple rangers so we do the best we can," Kemp said.

Part of their patrols were focused on alcohol control. The river had a strict ban on alcohol this holiday weekend, but some still brought it out to the waterfront.

"Obviously, you know. Honestly," Tatiana King said.

King spent the day boating with her family. They said they were not drinking alcohol on the water. To prove it, they showed FOX40 their ice chest only had water bottles.

"We're trying to vibe out. We're on the river, listening to music, we're eating good food, just feeling the vibe," King said.

Although the weekend is over, the holiday is not. Park rangers expect Monday to be the busiest and potentially most dangerous day on the waterfront.

"Take it easy with drinking and enjoy our parks," Kemp said.