Woodward Reservoir Draws Visitors on Memorial Day

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Central Valley residents splashed around in Woodward Reservoir in Oakdale this Memorial Day, but many said the reason they flocked to the area was because it was one of the only lakes that actually had water in it.

"We’re here to celebrate Memorial Day with my family at the water,” Barbara Posada, of Jamestown, said.

For Posada and her family, it was a 45 minute trip to Woodward Reservoir that would do the trick.

“Here, that’s where the water is, so we have to come where the water is," Posada said.

Even though New Melones is right around the corner for her, she said there's barely any water for her grandchildren to play in there.

At New Melones, the water capacity has continued to decline, with the most recent recorded capacity at just 19 percent.

"Took a drive up there last week, and there’s hardly nothing there, it’s just mountains,” Posada said.

Other Central Valley residents share Posada's sentiments.

“It’s the only lake that’s got water, isn’t it?” James Silveria, of Turlock, said about the Woodward Reservoir.

Silveria has been boating in Woodward since he was a child.

"We’ve got the boat, so it’s nice to wake board."

Visitors are thankful the drought hasn't claimed every bit of water.

“Because we get to splash in there … but they don’t have a diving board … womp womp,” Posada’s granddaughter, Barbara said.

Stanislaus County officials have told FOX40 in the past the reservoir should be open for swimmers until autumn.