Dixon Schools: Senior ‘Prank’ Caused $60,000 in Damage

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Graffiti at Dixon High School. (Dixon Unified SD)

Graffiti at Dixon High School. (Dixon Unified SD)


An estimated $60-$70,000 in damage was done to the Dixon High School after a group of students vandalized the school as part of a “senior prank.”

According to the Dixon Unified School District, the damage was discovered as staff reported for duty Thursday.

Graffiti was spray painted on around one third of the buildings on campus, as well as several concrete planter boxes and sidewalks. The students made their way onto the roofs of three buildings in order to complete some of the graffiti.

The students also put super glue into the locks of about 10 classroom doors. In addition, several trees were cut down or toppled. Outdoor tables were taken and stacked in the quad area of campus.

Graffiti at Dixon High School. (Dixon Unified SD)

Graffiti at Dixon High School. (Dixon Unified SD)

Through an investigation which included student interviews, checking social media posts and reviewing surveillance footage, nearly 30 students have been identified as taking part in the “prank” during late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning.

The students were confirmed to have jumped over locked gates of fences to get into the school.

Each student confirmed to have taken part in the incident has been suspended for two days. The students will also be asked to perform two afternoons of cleanup service on campus before next week’s graduation.

They will also be responsible for restitution for any expenses the District incurs in fixing the campus.

Should any students refuse to comply, they will be barred from taking part in the ceremony.

In response, Dixon High Principal Nick Girimonte has decided to cancel the end-of-year dance scheduled for Friday evening and has instructed staff to cancel and parties during remaining school time.

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