Man Arrested on Drug Charges After Crashing Car into Boat

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A man was arrested after plowing a car into boat parked in front of a home in Ceres on Tuesday.

FOX40 crews witnessed the crash, tried to help the driver get out of the vehicle and called 911.

The driver said he was OK, but couldn't get out of the vehicle through the driver's side door because it was crushed up against the boat.

The man who lived in the home arrived home shortly after the crash.

"I'm in shock here. That's a hell of a thing to come home to from work," he said.

The driver suffered minor injuries in the crash and was bleeding. He said he fell asleep at the wheel. FOX40 crews advised the man to sit down until medics arrived.

But he did not.

The man, backpack in hand, stumbled over to the garbage bin outside the house he just crashed into.

As FOX40 cameras rolled, he dumped something inside the trash bin and appeared to arrange it amid the garbage already in there.

When they arrived, Ceres police cataloged the contents of that trash can and took measurements of the wreckage.

The driver was treated and then arrested on charges of dangerous driving and suspected possession of drugs.