UPDATE: Cat Stuck in Palm Tree Rescued, Returned to Owner

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A cat, apparently named Hannah, was rescued from a tree Tuesday night after being stuck up there for nearly a week.

The Sacramento Fire Department sent two ladder trucks out to Jansen Drive to rescue the kitty.

It took almost two hours of trimming branches on the overgrown palm tree before crews were able to get Hannah out of the tree and reunite the cat with its owner.

Residents in Sacramento’s Tahoe Park neighborhood said the cat has been stuck in the palm tree for nearly a week.

Neighbors said they called Animal Services and the fire department multiple times, but no one responded until Tuesday evening. Some had even taken it upon themselves to climb a ladder up the tree, but the cat was too high in the tree.

Tuesday morning, a tree service arrived to see what could be done. Neighbors were worried the cat could die in the tree if it was left up there.

On Tuesday night, the Sacramento Fire Department sent two ladder trucks out to rescue Hannah from the tree.

The Sacramento Fire Department said that they responded a few days ago and determined that it was not safe to go up in the tree at that time.

On Tuesday, a crowd of citizens attempted to perform the rescue, and the fire department determined it was time to bring out the ladder truck.