Stockton Police Cracking Down on Illegal Sideshows

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The Stockton Police Department is cracking down on motorists they say are behind the wheel in dangerous and illegal exhibitions called sideshows.

A video posted on Instagram March 29 shows an urgent getaway as multiple motorists speed off after taking part in an illegal sideshow, according to Stockton police officers.

“We will tow, cite and arrest anybody who's involved in it,” Sgt. Matthew Garlick, with the Stockton Police Department’s Traffic Unit, said.

On Tuesday, Stockton Police Officers made good on their word to catch those who are allegedly involved in these dangerous stunts.

“We will be at every sideshow unmarked, in marked units, on motorcycles,” Garlick said.

He told FOX40 the driver of the Corvette found in Sacramento was doing donuts at a Lowe's parking lot in Stockton on the same day the Instagram video was uploaded from the same alleged sideshow.

Officers said the driver ended up fleeing on Interstate 5 going 105 mph.

"[The pursuit] ended up being terminated due to the danger due to the public and also to ourselves during that pursuit,” Garlick said.

The Corvette’s driver will face felony charges for abatement.

Just hours later, a truck was picked up in East Stockton. While officers are sure it was involved in a sideshow Jan. 23, they’re still piecing together who exactly was behind the wheel.

Whomever the truck belongs to, even though they may not be facing charges, they’ll have to shell out some major cash.

“It’s several thousands of dollars, two months down the road to get these cars out, if at all.”

And in Modesto, Stockton police impounded a convertible they claim took part in a sideshow from Feb. 21 at a parking near East Hammer Lane and Holman Avenue in Stockton.

Along with the pricey tow, came a warning:

“We will go anywhere in the state to take these cars,” he said.

Officers say the driver of the first car is scheduled to be interviewed next week, then the San Joaquin District Attorney’s Office will decide whether to file charges.