Suspected Purse Snatchers Strike Again

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They may look like anybody's mother or sister -- not drawing any attention to themselves.

Investigators say a group of women who hit businesses in Dos Palos and Mendota on Tuesday, is the same group of women responsible for a series of purse snatchings up and down the state since the beginning of the year.

In May, they were seen inside businesses in Clovis and Kerman. Their mission is the same everywhere they've hit. Half the group distracts workers inside a business, while the other half steals purses.

Law enforcement first took notice of the group in January.

That's when they were in our area. In Isleton, security cameras captured them in the act of stealing a purse from inside the Pineapple Restaurant.

After one of the women asked to use the bathroom, she instead slipped into the back of the kitchen where she swiped the owner's purse.

Aside from money, a checkbook and an iPhone, there were irreplaceable items like family pictures stolen.

Investigators pinged that cell phone, which came up somewhere in the L.A. area.

They then showed up at another restaurant in Palmdale.

While two of the women distracted workers, one crawled under a counter and snatched a couple of purses. They calmly walked out the door and got into a gray SUV.

Later that month, the women showed up on surveillance at a doughnut shop in Salida.

Police said they worked as a team yet again -- distracting the owner as their partners in crime stole a purse from the back of the business.

If you have any information on these women, you are asked to contact your local law enforcement agency and let them know you may have pertinent information on these suspects.