Gang-Related Fight Leads to Stabbing at Oakdale High School, Police Say

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Students taking summer courses at Oakdale High School were placed on a temporary lock down Monday morning as Oakdale Police investigated a stabbing on campus.

About 9:20 a.m., police received a call about an emergency on the campus. They immediately issued a "shelter in place" order.

Oakdale police said a 16-year-old boy was stabbed at least twice by a 15-year-old in the boy's bathroom.

Moments after the incident occurred, Josef Osterlund walked into the crime scene.

"I just know the bathroom was horrible," Osterlund said. "We had gotten a janitor and we opened the door to show him because as soon as you open the door and you can see blood on the floor and the door, so he was like 'wow.' I don't think he knew until we showed him, and that's when everything went down."

Oakdale police said surprisingly, after the incident, both the victim and suspect walked back into their classroom together. Police said both the victim and the suspect were uncooperative at first. They determined this was a gang related incident.

"It's unusual [that they went back to class together,] but it could've been that the victim was in shock. So it's hard to say. But it was fortunate in that everybody stayed together and we were able to interview everybody involved. And determine who the suspect was," Chief Lester Jenkins said.

During the investigation, students said they had to be escorted by an adult to go to the bathroom in groups until the suspect eventually confessed.

An "all clear" was signaled by police at 11:10 a.m.

Parents who received text messages from the school and students who experienced the lock down said they hope this is the last incident of its kind.

"It was pretty scary but things happen. Hopefully it won't be happening again."

"Security would be great. Hope you can get kids like that off the campus just to make sure we have a safe environment for all of our children," parent Mike Usrey said.

The victim did lose a substantial amount of blood. He suffered one superficial wound, and another serious deep wound. The suspect has been arrested on charges of attempted murder with gang enhancements.