Residents Rush to Beat Triple-Digit Heat

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Residents flocked to the West Sacramento Aquatics Center for some classic summertime relief on Monday -- a cool dip in the pool.

"Yep. Yep. We knew. We watch the weather report every day, so we knew this was the place to be," resident Cheryl Saxton said.

"I would say it's the best place to cool off in West Sac," pool deck Manager Christian Guerrero said.

The Saxtons agree. They cool off at the center four times a week each summer.

"We live here! We watch our grandkids five days a week and this is it. This is awesome," Saxton said.

The Saxtons sat in the shade, watching their grandkids splash around.

It's the first day of swimming lessons and the first day our region hit 100 degrees. But the routine is nothing new for them.

"Stay in the shade and keep hydrated. And sun tan lotion," said Charles Saxton, who was cooling off by the pool.

"Shorts, turn on the cooler and head for the pool!" said Cheryl Saxton.

The pool is so in demand, a line formed outside the gates before it was time for free swim.

Meanwhile at the nearby recreation center, a big game of dodgeball was underway on the first day of sports camp.

But this wasn't the plan, said Steven Pust. The first half of the day was spent outdoors but it got too hot.

"As it gets above 90 degrees, towards 100, they really start to drain really fast despite however much fluids they're putting in their bodies just because how hot it is," Pust said.