Fiery Friday leads to busy day for Sacramento Metro Fire Department

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Several fires blazed across the Sacramento region Friday, keeping engine companies busy in the heat of the day.

The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire Department said between noon and 5 p.m. Friday, it responded to over 100 incidents with nine of those being structure and grass fires.

The fire department said many of them were arson.

The first was a grass fire which began at Watt and Myrtle, later spreading to a structure. Then a second grass fire flared up at Roseville Road and Antelope. Both fires were later determined to be arson by Sac Metro.

"Had some information of a possible suspect, and I know our arson investigators are looking into that," said Charles Jenkins, a Battalion Chief with Metro Fire.

The next fire was also human-caused on Sunrise Boulevard when someone started to mow their lawn.

"The lawnmower caused a spark which caused the vegetation and weeds to catch on fire and took off in a pretty good wind," Jenkins said.

That blaze then caught a garage on fire and threatened 10 other homes, according to Jenkins.

Then suddenly another fire in an area that saw too many last summer.

"We've had reports of a grass fire in the area of American River Parkway directly behind CalExpo," said Roberto Padilla, spokesperson for the City of Sacramento Fire Department.

But training and back burns in that area earlier this spring better prepared sac fire crews to slow the blaze this time, according to Padilla.

Meanwhile yet another fire burned a small area not far away in the Bonney Field parking lot.

Padilla said his department is still not sure if that was a spot fire caused by the first blaze, but investigators are not ruling out the possibility both were arson.

"And there's also a population that lives out there and that could be a cause," Padilla said.

All the fires today were put out fast, but another busy day like Friday and crews may not be so lucky.

"There could be a potential delay of units, in fact other engine companies, multiple engine companies were pulled off of other fires responding from those areas to this fire," Jenkins said.