Foreclosed Home Causes Tension in Antelope

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Some neighbors in antelope are buzzing about a foreclosed home in the area.

"I know there’s people living there, but I don’t know who they are,” said neighbor Sandy Gage.

Many have started to make assumptions.

"They've basically been saying they're squatters. That’s the rumor," said neighbor Nikki Whitten.

Rumors spread fast. But if you’re wondering what the person living in the bank owned home thinks, look to the garage.

There’s a large sign posted by the tenant. She identifies herself as Helica.

"They need to mind their own business,” Helica said.

The sign asks neighbors to stop calling code enforcement, that the sheriff’s department came three times, she has terminal cancer, her pets were poisoned and her power was shut off.

Helica later came out of her home with her lease to prove she is not a squatter; she’s been renting here for three months.

It happened as FOX40 was interviewing realtor Christine Bish.

"This house is now owned by an investor and she is a tenant,” said Bish.

Bish says the house is in escrow and Helica is a legitimate tenant.

"If you have a question come up to my door and ask me.  If not don’t try to go around me and be sneaky about it,” Helica said.

Bish says it’s not uncommon for bank owned homes to be rented out to prevent squatters from moving in.

The Sacramento Sheriff’s Department says deputies have been to the house four times this year but never found any criminal activity.