Stockton to Get Rid of Red Light Cameras

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The red light cameras have been a mainstay here in Stockton for more than ten years. But since February, all they`ve done is take up real estate.

The red light cameras that have been posted in select parts of the City of Stockton are now nothing more than big boxes.

Well, I think it`s primarily a revenue raising sham as opposed to something that you use true public safety,” said Ned Leiba.

"Honestly, that was a bad idea, especially if they`re bankrupt and they need all this money. It`s going to be more income for the City of Stockton,” said Anthony Williams

The city has emerged from bankruptcy, and they’re calling the end of red light cameras in Stockton another step in fiscal responsibility.

"It really wasn`t cost-neutral for the city and we really didn`t see the reductions in traffic accidents at those intersections,” said Stockton Police Officer Joe Silva.

The cameras have been a part of Stockton since 2004. Any driver seen traveling into an intersection while the red light was on was handed a ticket.

"When he was looking at the video at his desk, he would have to get the license plate, get a picture of the driver and try to figure out exactly who is in the car,” Silva said.

Redflex, the company that leases the cameras to the city, would pocket half of the money while the city got the rest.

"So since February they have been turned off,” said Silva.

In its place Stockton Traffic Officers have come out from the shadows of the office and back onto the city's streets.

"It`d be best to get him back on his motorcycle, out in those neighborhoods doing selective enforcement,” Silva said.

With the cameras gone, officers want to make sure the public understands.

"It shouldn`t matter if a camera is there. An officer`s there at that intersection. Don`t run red lights,” said Silva.

It's not about avoiding tickets. It's about staying safe on Stockton roads.