All American Speedway Gives Back to Antelope Family

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A much needed free day at the track for one Antelope family, after their home caught fire when lightning struck a front yard tree.

Qiana Farley and her three kids have been dealing with a lot after that fire destroyed many of their belongings.

While watching race cars at the All American Speedway in Roseville is something they never thought to do, all four say it's a much needed break.

"Like this is amazing, I never would have imagined all of this support that we have been getting," Farley told FOX40.

Don Thompson works as a photographer at the track. He got in touch with Farley on Facebook, offering her family free tickets, food and refreshments.

"I just want to help because it feels like the right thing to do," Thompson told FOX40.

The family was also given free t-shirts and hats from several racing teams.

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