King Fire Ruins Road Construction on Georgetown Highway

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Georgetown neighbors say a section of highway 193 that was recently re-paved started crumbling shortly after the King Fire, when heavy water tankers and logging trucks had to travel the narrow road during construction.

"Back up there, it gets squirrely, even in the Prius. The traction control light comes on. You know, you're gonna have an issue, especially with how big these ruts are, somebody's gonna have an accident," neighbor Justin Lara said.

Lara told FOX40 Sierra Nevada Construction, the company that worked on the $2.4 million road project, had to start and stop work several times during the King Fire.

"Maybe it's the mixture of the material was off. Or maybe it's just top hard or It's just too soft or something," Lara said.

Some neighbors who live near the highway are concerned that the rough road could be dangerous for drivers.

FOX40 reached out the Sierra Nevada Construction. By late Saturday, we had not heard back from them about why parts of the road were crumbling, and who is responsible for the fix.

"That's a really touchy subject right there," Lara said.

CalTrans spokesperson Deanna Shoopman released a written statement to FOX40 regarding the future road repairs on highway 193:

"It is CalTrans position that the work should be done under warranty and talks are on-going with the contractor. Repairs could start as early as next week. Safety of the traveling public is CalTrans number one priority," Shoopman said.

Lara said because he lives up the hill and knows all the curves in the road, he knows when to slow down and avoid the road damage. He says it's likely more dangerous for people who are unfamiliar with highway 193 because most of the ruts are right around the corner on blind curves.

"Hopefully they can fix it the next time they come out. You know, just try to make it safe," Lara said.


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