Truck Carrying Asphalt Sealant Toppled Over in Elk Grove

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A liquid black mess blanketed several commuters driving through Elk Grove Friday afternoon. The substance came out of the top of a tanker truck which flipped over as it was being towed on a flatbed trailer on Bond Road and Elk Grove Florin Road.

"You should have seen my face, I was like i've never seen anything like this in Elk Grove," said Dayon Cail, who was working at a nearby 76 Gas Station when the trailer and truck flipped over. "It wasn't really like a big noise, but it was like a skeet, and then it kind of like slammed."

The black substance, according to the Elk Grove Police Department, was a cool liquid overcoat sealant used to fix cracks in asphalt.
It spilled and blanketed about 6 different cars and trucks, according to a police spokesperson.

"I couldn't really see the stuff shoot on the other cars because I was on the opposite side," Cail told FOX40.

Work crews used sand to remove the substance.

Tony Azevedo's pest control truck was one of the vehicles hit while his employee was driving at the time.

"Yeah she's alright, a little shook up, a little bit (of it) got on her but it was nothing big," Azevedo told FOX40.

Azevedo believes that sealant has ruined his vehicle.

"I don't think that stuff is going to come off it, I don't know enough about it, i think (my truck is) totaled."

Police said crews were quick enough to make sure none of that sealant went into storm drains.

Officers are still investigating the collision, but told FOX40 no other cars were hit by the truck or trailer as it fell.

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