Mother of Midtown Hate Crime Suspect Speaks at Son’s First Court Appearance

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The man accused of stabbing three Sacramento musicians faced a judge for the first time Thursday.

Police say Timothy Brownell assaulted the men in midtown Sacramento on Sunday night. The victims say the 25-year-old yelled gay slurs because they were wearing skinny jeans.

Brownell's attorney tells FOX40 his mother, Lori, is gay and that Brownell never expressed concern about her sexual orientation.

Lori Brownell spoke after after her son's court appearance.

"On behalf of all Tim's family, we'd like to extend our sympathies to the victims and their families," Lori Brownell said.

One of the three victims is Blake Abbey. He's a singer and guitarist in the band, Musical Charis.

Abbey spoke to FOX40 Wednesday after being released from the hospital.

"There was something weird about it," Abbey said.

Brownell's mother believes her son is suffering from post traumatic stress.

"I do believe my son is suffering from PTSD, ever since be returned from Afghanistan," Lori Brownell said.

FOX40 has learned Brownell was deployed to Afghanistan from October 2011 until January 2012.

According to the military, he received several awards but was administratively discharged one month after returning from Afghanistan.

The 25-year-old has two prior arrests from Solano County; one before enlisting in the Army, another after.

The victims are recovering. The community is planning benefit concerts to help pay for medical bills.

There's a fundraiser planned at Pour House Saturday at 10pm. Everyone is asked to wear skinny jeans to support the victims.

Brownell is due back in court next Thursday.