Turlock Teen Found Safe, Alleged Abductor Arrested in Las Vegas

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After 22 hours, a kidnapped teenage girl and her alleged abductor were found safely in Las Vegas.

FOX40 spoke to the family of 15-year-old Alexis Odisho's family off-camera, and they said that they're just happy she was found safe.

However, they didn't say much as to why exactly she left Turlock in the first place. Two police departments are investigating the suspect.

Daniel Boone Morgan (Courtesy: Turlock Police Department)

Daniel Boone Morgan (Courtesy: Turlock Police Department)

“We received a call from the father in Bakersfield that his daughter, Alexis Odisho, had left the relatives' home in Turlock,” said Sgt Stephen Webb, a spokesman with the Turlock Police Department.

Webb said Odisho's father has custody of the teen. He sent her to Turlock to visit family this week, but by Wednesday evening, the teen was gone.

Detectives said Kiowa, Oklahoma, Police Officer Daniel Boone Morgan abducted her.

"He is indeed a police officer in Oklahoma, and he is on administrative leave not due to this case."

Webb said detectives think Odisho went willingly, but they launched a search because Morgan did not have permission to take her.

Morgan and Odisho were found safe in Las Vegas on Thursday.

Although, the Oklahoma officer is now facing serious charges.

“He’s facing kidnapping charges at this time -- child abduction,” Webb said.

But here's where the story takes a twist. An anonymous source tells FOX40, Morgan had permission from Odisho's mother, who lives in Oklahoma, to pick the teen up.

FOX40 showed Webb the document.

“It doesn’t override the custody rights of the other parent,” he said.

Laura Meltzer with the Las Vegas Metro Police Department said that at a minimum, Morgan will be booked for the Turlock warrant.

However, the the case in Nevada isn’t over. Officers there are also conducting their own investigation where Morgan may face additional charges.

FOX40 called the city manager in Kiowa to find out why Morgan was on administrative leave. They have not returned our calls.