Elk Grove Store Hangs Confederate Flag Amid Controversy

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A symbol of slavery and racism to some is seen as an expression of free speech and constitutional rights to others.

The confederate flag has been in the spotlight with states across the country and retailers pursuing the enforcement of bans on selling and displaying the flag.

Wild Bill's Old West Trading in Elk Grove is taking a stance against the bans. In a staff meeting Friday, employees decided to hang a confederate flag in front of their store.

Assistant manager Jacob Shockley said, "It's not about racism.  It's history, we want to bring back history of what our country was founded on."

Shockley said while he understands why some may not support the decision to put the flag up, his purpose it to maintain a piece of American history.

Some customers, like Lucas Hobbs, said they are happy about the display, "It made me smile when I saw it."

Others are offended by it, "I didn't notice it, but if I had noticed it I probably wouldn't have walked in," said shopper Amber Madden.

The flag will hang at the gun shop for now and Shockley said he doesn't have any timeline on when they will take it down.

For customers it may be a reason for them to come inside and ask questions, but for Madden she said she will be taking her business elsewhere, "It will prevent me from buying a firearm."

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