Kaiser To Anchor Sacramento Railyard Project

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Sacramento --

Kaiser Permanente's efforts to secure 18 acres in the Sacramento downtown railyard for a medical center is exciting news for District 3 city council member Jeff Harris.

Although there have been false hopes before in 25 year development history at the 240 acre site, Harris says his conversations with Kaiser officials lead him to believe that they are committed to the project.

"It's a major employer so it's going to drive development of the railyards," said Harris.

Proposals for hotels, a Bass Pro Shop megastore and several versions of a King's basketball arena never materialized. But the prospect for a hospital the construction of the new county courthouse and the proposed arena for the Sacramento Republic soccer team are signs that things are moving forward.

Harris hopes that Kaiser employees will want to live near where they work.

"If you have jobs and you have housing and you have entertainment all in one spot, that's the recipe for success," said Harris.