Woman’s Car, Containing Grandmother’s Ashes, Stolen

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Someone stole Amanda Ickes' white Honda Civic from the parking lot of Walmart on Watt Avenue and Elverta Road in Antelope Wednesday

Inside her car was everything she owned, including one special, irreplaceable item.

"When I realized my grandmother's ashes weren't there, that's what made me break down. Losing our house and everything," Ickes said. "I don't know. It's just hard, really hard."

"She lost Everyting. Her home, her car," Haley Ware, Ickes' friend, told FOX40. "This is the worst thing that could've happened to her. She's a single mom, trying to do everything she can to get back on her feet."

Ickes, 27, has three small children.  If it wasn't  for her friend right now, they would be living in her car.

"I wanted (my grandmother) with me," Ickes explained. "It's still in the original box and the ashes are a plastic bag that's not even zipped up yet. Drop it off somewhere leave a note. "

Ickes just wants the ashes back, no questions asked. Highway Patrol is investigating the theft. So far, no word on the whereabouts of her car.

But if she got her grandmother back, "It would mean everything. That's irreplaceable. The car, I can replace that, but, there's diapers in there too. I don't have diapers for my kids, so."

Amazingly, she's able to keep things light, and has hope for their future.

"I'm a single mom, just trying to live my life and be happy and make my kids happy, roof over their heads and food in their mouths," Ickes said. "That's all we need to be happy."