Sheriff’s Department: 1 Deputy Killed, 1 Injured in Rancho Cordova

2 Shot, Expected to Survive in Brawl Outside Calif. Church

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Two people were shot and wounded during a brawl involving about 20 people in the parking lot of a Mormon church in the San Francisco Bay Area just as Sunday services were ending.

Police in Oakley say a third person was beaten but all the injured are expected to survive. It wasn’t clear if those involved were connected to the Church of Latter Day Saints where the afternoon melee took place.

Police Sgt. Robert Roberts tells the Contra Costa Times ( ) says one man began hitting another with a hammer or crowbar, and that led to shots being fired in response. He says the two groups involved knew each other.

The suspects and victims had left when police arrived, but two shooting victims appeared at local hospitals on their own.