Man Shot to Death in Front of Stockton Church

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It was a gruesome scene in Stockton on Monday as a 42-year-old man was shot to death.

The Stockton Police Department said it happened in the intersection of Ash and Church Streets about 10 a.m. in front of Hurricane Missionary Baptist church.

FOX40 spoke with a family who lives just feet away from where the man was killed and they said it was a frightening moment.

“Something like that is terrible. It’s really terrible,” said Bobbie Mccerter, whose daughter lives just steps away from where the deadly shooting took place.

"Like… probably two or three (gunshots) like ‘boom, boom, boom,’” said Barbara Johnson, Mccerter’s daughter.

According to witnesses, there was an argument between two men and then gunshots were heard, said Rosie Calderon, a spokeswoman with the Stockton Police Department.

"I just heard about two or three shots. When I came out I seen a man in the street. Somebody was trying to help him and that was it,” Johnson said.

The help wasn't enough, investigators said the man was pronounced dead in front of the Hurricane Missionary Baptist Church, a place of worship now scarred with violence.

“(It makes me feel) jittery. Jittery because this is my church,” Mccerter said.

The fear may linger, but Mccerter and her family say it won't stop them from going to church.

"This is hitting close to home. That’s what’s making it so hard,” Mccerter said.

Residents said, for the most part, the neighborhood is quiet but said that they have noticed drug deals.

Police have not identified a motive or suspect.

If you have any info, you are asked to contact the Stockton Police Department or leave an anonymous tip with Crimestoppers.

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