High Fire Danger Forces Three Fairfield Parks Weekend Closure

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Rockville Hills Regional Park is an oasis just outside of Fairfield.  But mother nature is taking it's toll.

"I mean this isn't really a great time because things are dried up," said park volunteer Don Sanchez.

Sanchez spends almost everyday walking the trails.  He notices everything is sucked dry.

"These are perfect conditions.. the perfect storm if you will, for a fire," Sanchez said.

That's why the city of Fairfield is closing this park and Spyglass Open Space and the Serpas Ranch Rolling HIlls Open space.

"I would say its an inconvenience especially because its fourth of July weekend," said park visitor Sean Lumagi.

Lumagi and others will have to make other plans.

"I think that maybe a lot of people are going going to be a little upset when they see the park is closed," said Cristina Ramirez.

Firefighters say this decision was easy. The vegetation is dry and the winds are high.

"We consult with other city departments and other jurisdictions prior to closing the park and it has to meet certain criteria of a red flag day," said Fairfield Deputy Fire Chief Jorge Merodio.

Merodio says ust one spark from a firework or a cigarette could mean the space that so many love, could ignite.

All three parks will be closed from 8pm Friday through 6am Monday.

This is something the city of Fairfield has done in years past because of the drought.