Fifth of July, Busy Day for Local Animal Shelters

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The rockets’ red glare—Independence Day's signature flare—might be all sorts of fun. But dogs just don't get it.

"His shaking. And he tends to scratch on the walls," said Maria.

Maria and her family have just found their dog Rex at the Bradshaw Animal shelter after he ran off in fear of fireworks near their South Sacramento house.

"Animals have much better hearing than humans do. Fireworks are very confusing, they're very loud. So Animals will bolt. They'll get away," said Ryan Hinderman, Front Street Animal Shelter.

At the Front Street Animal Shelter, the days after the Fourth of July are traditionally some of the busiest for strays. But this year, the preliminary numbers show only a couple dozen. That's way down—but still too many.

"For instance, today, we have a dog who has a lot of cuts on its paws. Sometimes when animals are scared they'll go through fences, they go over obstacles, and sometimes they'll have extra injuries,” said Hinderman.

Thankfully that's not the case with old Rex, who is as excited to get home as his family was to find him alive and well and the Bradshaw shelter.

"Absolutely. It took him a minute. I think he was a bit shocked," said Maria.