Hundreds Fans Packed Into Midtown Bars to Watch the World Cup

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Hundreds of soccer fans packed into Sacramento's Midtown to watch the Women's World Cup Final game at different bars.

"We're here to support Julie Johnston," said Mary Werling, who came to deVere's on Sunday with the University of Santa Clara Sacramento alumni association. "I was at Santa Clara when we were recruiting Julie, so we're just really excited to see her out there and see her doing such a fantastic job."

This is the third time the U.S. women have won a World Cup since FIFA started the women's championship in 1991. The Americans won that inaugural year and again in 1999.

Sunday's 5-2 victory over Japan gives them the 2015 title.

Some fans say they hope this win inspires future female athletes.

"I have a couple of daughters and sports fanatics don't really see woman as a true sport for soccer, but I think it's amazing that women can rock it out," said Nadia Juarez who went to Firestone on Sunday.

Meanwhile both deVere's and Firestone were filled to capacity and managers said the game has also helped boost businesses compared to a typical Sunday.

"I'd say at least 10 times better in terms of people coming in," Calvin Lam, manager at Firestone, told FOX40.