Antiques Stolen in Diamond Springs Home Burglary

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An elderly couple in Diamond Springs came home Thursday to a devastating discovery. Antiques they have had in their home for decades were taken by burglars.

Beverly Dockter said it is like something out of a nightmare.

"It's so devastating and so sad to know you're helpless," she said.

The suspects not only took a laptop with photos of the Dockter's grandchildren, but what's worse, is the 1941 American flag that was taken. It was draped over Beverly's fathers casket after he lost his life during WWII when she was just two weeks old.

"Her dad fought for this country and died. That was his flag" Keith Dockter said.

Along with that was a Zenith Walton radio that was the first gift Keith gave his wife when they moved into their home.

In the 38 years of living in the home on Zandonella Road, the Dockter's said they've never felt unsafe until now. They're selling their home and think the suspects posed as potential home buyers and broke in through the front door later to take what wasn't theirs.

Beverly said while they filed a police report, they won't press charges as long as the person or people involved drop the stolen items off back at their house.

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