Rash of Robberies Frustrate Business Owners

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A local small business owner told FOX40 vandals smashed a giant hole through her storefront windows for the third time early Thursday morning.

"Sadly, it's not uncommon," Audrey Wells said.

Wells is the owner of an eclectic home goods and clothing store called Fringe at 21st and Yale in the Midtown area. She said her floor to ceiling windows had been smashed twice in the past six months, and that before that, the thieves broke into her shop to steal merchandise, as well as her laptop.

"I just knew that I had a year's worth of work on it. So I was leaping over things to chase the guy down. And they shot at me. I didn't even think about it. Their getaway car was around the corner. But anyways, they missed, you know?"

Wells says she does not chase after criminals anymore. She is currently looking through surveillance video to try to get a clear image of the person who vandalized her storefront early Thursday morning.

She believes the only reason that person did not get into the store is because she replaced her windows with stronger, tempered glass the last time the were smashed.

"We replace five to six windows a week over here. Usually all vandalism. If that's all you got is to walk around and break glass, you need to do something better with your life," Steven with Bobs Glass said.

Wells says she does not feel that she is being targeted for any specific reason, rather that break ins and thefts are just a part of having a storefront in a busy urban environment.

"If I didn't love it here, I could just have a store in the mall. I choose to stay here. It's just that you have to take the good with the bad, you know?" Wells said.

Wells had a message for the suspect:

"Put yourself in my shoes dude, I'm just trying to rub two nickels together. You might think you're in a worse position, but really that line is really thin," Wells said.

"Grow up. I mean, it sounds like something a child would do, but if it's a grown man smashing windows. Get a job," Steven said.

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