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Local Movie Goers Not Fazed After Louisiana Shooting

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Movie theater security is on the collective minds of many Americans after at least 10 people were shot, and three killed including the shooter inside of a theater in Lafayette Louisiana Thursday.

The incident hasn't stopped many movie goers locally, however, from heading to theaters.

"Just because one person ruins the movies for a few people, or a couple of people. It didn't really ruin it for me,” said ten year old Christina Barabino. She wasn’t the only person unfazed by the incident.

"It's a possibility but the likelihood of it is not very high,” said Chelsea Via when asked whether she feared a similar incident could happen at her local theater.

On weekends, especially when a big movie is set to premier, theaters do take extra measures to protect their customers. Normally theater managers will call upon law enforcement to be an extra presence inside the theater, according to Sacramento County Sheriffs Sargent Jason Ramos, a former movie theater patrol officer.

"They're concerned with us being a highly visible presence,” said Ramos.

Ramos says since the school shooting in Columbine, Colorado, nearly all police forces have changed the way they train for active shooter situations. He admits, however, that movie theaters are exceptionally difficult places to protect.

"Theoretically if somebody brings in a gun and starts shooting, it's going to be tough to get out quickly,” said Ramos.

Ramos added officers do their best to protect theater goers, but says some danger is unavoidable.

"You think about the inside of it, it's very difficult for us to provide any significant observation without really disrupting he experience.

FOX 40 news reached out to a number of movie theater managers, all declined to comment because their theaters are owned by corporate companies, through whom media requests must go in order to conduct interviews.

FOX 40 sent messages to requests to IMAX, Angelika films, and Century for these requests. None were able to respond for the story.