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Stockton Homeless Man Tries to Set Off Bomb During Burglary Arrest

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A burglary turned into a potential deadly situation after a man threatened Stockton police officers with a pipe bomb on Friday morning.

Police dispatch got a call of a man burglarizing a home on the 2900 of Monticello Drive at 5:45 am. They got there just in time to stop the man but the danger escalated when he produced a pipe bomb and threatened to light it.

The man has been identified as Cliff Narvas, a known transient from Stockton.

“Nothing’s ever routine, we never know what we’re going to run into,” Officer Joe Silva, a Spokesman for the Stockton Police Department told us.

Residents were rattled by the event, like Michelle Ostrowski and her 13-year-old son Ryan.

“It was fun watching him be taken down. It was almost like TV but then once it started getting real it was scary,” Michele Ostrowski, who lives in the neighborhood said, “I wanted a Friday off but not like this,” she said.

Police officers asked residents to stay inside their houses while the pipe bomb was detonated. Aaron Amigable watched from just yards away.

“Stop… they were trying to  get him to stop he didn’t, he didn’t want to stop so they had to tackle him,” Amigable said.

He and other residents watched as Narvas was taken down by police. Co2 devices filled with gunpowder and burglary tools were found in Narvas backpack once he was taken into custody, according to Silva.

“So they were doing their job and I was throwing fist pumps up like, ‘you know what they’re here protecting us,’ so I feel good about that,” Amigable explained.

Police used a taser and a k9 to take him down. Narvas was hospitalized then booked on several charges including burglary and attempted homicide of peace officers.

“If he decided that he was going to throw that then he should definitely go to jail,” Ryan Firinaiu said.