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Wragg Fire Forces Non-Profit to Cancel Annual Fishing Camp

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As the Wragg Fire continues to burn, many outdoor activities in the area are getting cancelled. One of them is the 7th Annual Kids Day of Fishing Camp at Lake Solano Park.

“We had everything going perfectly on schedule, and we had a lot of people coming in to coordinate it, but the fire had broke out,” President, Michael Johns said.

“Kids Day of Fishing” is a non-profit that introduces fishing activities to children with disabilities and low income families. Johns started the organization after being inspired by his older brother Lee, who lives with Cerebral Palsy.

This year’s annual camp was scheduled for this weekend. But with the Wragg Fire, it was cancelled Thursday.

“We had to let down all those children, and all the people who were participating,” Johns said. “But a big thing we have to worry about now, is that we have people who have their houses and livelihoods now at stake.”

Maria Lucas was excited to take her three boys back to the camp this year.

“It’s fun for the kids, and I like them spending time outdoors,” Lucas said. “A couple of days without electronics... that's very nice.”

She said it was heartbreaking to tell them they would not be going anymore.

“I remember catching a fish, and then it got stuck in a seaweed,” her 8 year-old son Jayden said. “And I also remember it being kind of hard to pull.”

But organizers say there is a little bit of good news out of all of this. The say the fish were supposed to planted into the lake on Wednesday morning. But due to a schedule conflict, it got re-scheduled to Thursday. Hours after making that decision, the Wragg Fire broke out.

“Thank God we didn't put fish in because that was $1,500 of resources that we would have lost,” Johns said.

Don’t worry. That fish will be saved. Johns said they were able to re-schedule the event to August 15 and 16.

“We can still do it,” Lucas said. “Of course, it's not going to be tomorrow, but we're going to get to do it. Hopefully everybody is safe out there. That's the important thing.”

Organizers are always looking for volunteers and donations to keep this event free for their participants. They are looking for volunteers who can help host the postponed event on August 15 and 16. People who have a crafting or fishing background are welcome.

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