Officer Accused of Pimping Girlfriend Who is Licensed Sex Worker in Nevada

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Fresno police say when they arrested Alicia Stapleton on prostitution charges, that wasn’t the end of their investigation.

Instead, they say they kept digging until they say they confirmed Fresno Police Officer Bob Knight was allegedly her pimp.

“Prior to us being able to conclude an internal affairs investigation, he did resign. But we are pursuing criminal conduct against him,” Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said.

But now the man who says he’s Stapleton’s real pimp is speaking out.

FOX40 Reporter Ben Deci: “They’re saying that this guy was trying to supplant you and do your job for her in an under-the-table kind of way. Does that bother you a little bit?”

Dennis Hof: “Absolutely. If it was happening it would bother me. But I met this guy and we talked about this, and he said I have to be very careful about what I do.”

Dennis Hof is the proprietor of the Moonlight Bunny Ranch in Carson City, Nevada. It’s a legal brothel, and the subject of an HBO series.

Hof said Stapleton is a state licensed sex worker, contracted with him under the name Bunny Allie Marie.

“I never saw her do drugs… I never saw her drink. I just saw a nice fun girl,” Hof said.

He said Stapleton told him about her side business right up front — a naughty maid cleaning service out of Orangevale, where she’d come do housework for clients in a skimpy outfit.

Dennis Hof: “It’s just a fantasy… like a stripper-gram  or something like that.”

Ben Deci: “And you’re saying there’s not sex involved? That might be a hard sell to folks listening at home.”

Dennis Hof: “Well it can be. In her case, when we hired Allie Marie, she told us she had this business, and she assured us there was no sex.”

Hof says that the Fresno police, working on a tip from Stapleton’s ex-husband, made the arrest to force Knight off the force.