Lake in West Sacramento Drying Up, Raising Concerns About Wildlife

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People who live along Touchstone Lake in West Sacramento are distressed at the sight of the rapidly evaporating body of water at Linden Road and Constitution Avenue.

"The thing is, I look out there and I see ducks walking, fish flopping and turtles disappearing," lamented resident Joe Comisky.

Nearly half of the lake bed appears dry. Where water still remains, it is visibly shallow.

Comisky wonders why his neighborhood is allotted watering hours for lawn irrigation while wildlife is suffering in the shallow lake.

Cari Hendricks created a Facebook page to raise awareness and seek a solution.

"People are genuinely interested in saving these animals and saddened by the desperation of it," Hendricks said.

She is well aware that some people will wonder how it is possible to add water to a lake during a drought.

"That's a good question, but while there are green medians and green parks that don't effect the livelihood of beings. I think that water could be better spent to save animals that are living beings," Hendricks suggested.

A nearby similar lake at Stonegate Drive and Lake Washington Boulevard, also in West Sacramento, looks to be healthy and thriving.

Some neighbors around Tochstone Lake said they reached out to the City of West Sacramento, but were told the lake water is an HOA issue.

There are several homeowner associations around the lake, as well as a lake association.

A board member of one of the associations told FOX40 he and other elected leaders are actively looking for a solution. He also said a broken or missing pump may be involved.

Concerned neighbors just hope a solution can be found before the fish, turtles and birds completely lose this habitat.

"It's really sad to watch," Hendricks said.

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