Park Officials Want Erosion Control For Lodi Lake

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Lodi's signature recreation area is being washed away by waves caused by boats and jet skiers as well as actions by the people that use the park and nature area.

Park officials are looking at ways to keep swimmers and dogs from climbing in and out of lake along a shoreline that is slowly falling away into the river and the lake. In some places the shoreline has encroached into the park lawn and picnic areas by 15 feet.

"We have to pretty much take a stand at this point...we can't give up anymore of that park land," said Jeff Hood, director of Park, Recreation and Culture.

That means finding ways to keep visitors from sensitive areas with warning signs and even fencing.

The ideal solution would be to find grant funding to build a trail around the lake to give hikers access to parts of the park but also preserve the banks around the park and nature area.

However, there is no quick fix for a problem that has been building for decades.