Vice Mayor Allen Warren Denies Sexual Harassment Allegations

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Vice Mayor Allen Warren is under fire amid allegations of sexual harassment from his former aide Delia Chacon.

"Well let me just say that they're false, you know, as you know there's s an investigation going on so I can't say too much," Warren said outside City Hall on Thursday.

In Chacon's complaint, filed last week, she claims she was coerced into having sex and then eventually fired after she said she refused to continue a sexual relationship.

"Those were some serious allegations that she made.... Out of the country travels, the shotgun issue ... you're saying that none of that is true?" FOX40 asked.

"I'm saying that her allegations are false. That's what I'm saying," Warren said.

Chacon alleged she accompanied Warren on trips abroad, which involved sex.
She also claimed Warren brandished a shotgun during one visit to his cabin in Oroville.

The sexual harassment allegations follow a similar complaint filed against Mayor Kevin Johnson in May by a former aide.

In response, leaders from Sacramento's Democratic Party are pushing for an ethics commission to investigate any wrongdoing by public officials.

"Is that something that you can support?" FOX40 asked Warren.

"I'd like to see what they come forward with ... if it makes sense happy to support the policy and things that make sense," he said.

"With the climate right now for city hall, what can you tell the people that have supported you?" FOX40 asked.

"Just look at the work we're doing. People have private lives that are really unrelated. But you got to judge the city by what we can get done," Warren said. "People can say a lot of things. Unfortunately, that's the business that we're in. People that know me understand. I'll stand by who I am, proud to be a city councilman and I'm going to do what I can for the people in the city and the people of my community."