Police Investigating a Possible Murder-Suicide in Galt Home

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Officers are investigating a "suspicious death" in the 700 block of Lyonia Drive in Galt where two people have been pronounced dead.

At 3:15 p.m., a woman called Galt Police Department saying that her mother had called her reporting that she killed her boyfriend and planned on killing herself.

Officers made contact with the mother and told her to come outside of her home. She agreed, but after a delay, a single gunshot was heard. The SWAT team was called shortly after.

After their arrival, SWAT cleared the area, lifting the shelter that Galt Police put in place for neighboring streets.

Galt Police Chief Dan Drummond says two people, one man and one woman were found dead inside when SWAT teams entered the home.

At the time of the incident, officers put a shelter in place because they needed assistance in keeping the roadway clear.

The deceased have been identified as Ray Allen Saiter, 68, and Kimberly Ann Weigant, 54, both of Galt. Police have not yet confirmed that the deaths were a murder-suicide.

Officers did, however, say that they found three guns in the house, all registered to the male victim.

The investigation now goes to Galt detectives and the Sacramento District Attorney Crime Lab.