Two Build-A-Bears With Ailing Grandfather’s Voice Recorded Stolen From Porch of Manteca Home

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The Manteca Police Department is asking the public to help them catch a pair of porch mail thieves.

Army Veteran James Pollard and his family just moved to Manteca in June, thinking the city would be a safe area for his kids. Not even two months after moving into his home on Wanona, he was hit by mail thieves. His home surveillance camera captured the act.

They may have been looking for something of high value, but what thee thieves walked away with on August 4th, was priceless.

A woman was caught on camera stealing a small box on Pollard's front porch, left by a UPS Delivery person just a few hours prior. Pollard's son and nephew were expecting the box to have two very special teddy bears.

"It had my wife's dad's voice on it," Pollard said. "Something to remember him by, with him being in hospice care, which they don't expect him to live much longer."

Pollard's father-in-law is best known as the beloved Grandpa Jesse. He lives in Iowa, and is battling Stage 4 Cancer.

The build-a-bears were ordered by Grandpa Jesse, and personalized with a special message for his grandsons in California.

The Pollard family's front lawn has a large security surveillance post in it. Despite the warnings, the thieves stole the box, and walked away.

"They just don't care about whose property they take. I think they are just — I don't know," Pollard said.

The Pollards are not the only ones to be victimized by the criminal duo. Other posts on Facebook suggest they have hit multiple homes in Manteca.

Manteca Police have at least three incident reports matching the suspect descriptions captured by Pollard's cameras.

On the same day, the pair was caught stealing an $1,800 stainless steel dishwasher delivered to a homeowner.

Now, the Manteca Police is asking the public to help arrest these shameless thieves.

In the meantime, Pollard's son and nephew are spending their last few moments with Grandpa Jesse in Iowa, while Pollard hopes to right the wrong done by the criminals.

"They [son and nephew] are both heart-broken about the situation." Pollard said. "But we are trying to work on getting new bears, getting them delivered to my wife's aunt's house which is in Tracy."