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‘Hell Is Waiting’: Vandals Hit Rosemont Homes After Tree is Cut Down

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Several homes that were hit by vandalism over the weekend were the same homes hit a couple of years ago in a Rosemont neighborhood, leaving residents to ask, "why?"

Why would someone take black letters to several neatly painted garage doors and write these words:


"It's upsetting. My mom's been in this community for over 30 years. She's 76 years old. (It) violates the personal space of somebody you care for," one victim's mom said.

Two years ago,  that man's mom was forced to have a redwood tree cut down from her backyard because it was causing damage to the neighbors fence and posed a threat. Following the removal of the tree, vandals left similarly threatening words on her front and garage doors.

This time, they also had a car parked in her driveway.

And from the incident Sunday, surveillance cameras picked up pretty good images of the young man who committed the crime.

"This individual obviously has some emotional issues, communicates their anger through threats and vandalism," the man said.

When the Sheriff's Department investigated the vandalism two years ago, they characterized it as a hate crime because of swastikas and racial slurs were also scribbled.

This latest incident is under investigation. It's unknown at this time if the incidents or suspects are related.