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New Details Emerge About Notorious Inmate Killed in New Folsom Prison Riot

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The murder of a notorious California prisoner is drawing mixed reactions from those who came in close contact with Hugo "Yogi" Pinell.

"My initial reaction was shock, disappointment, anger," said Pinell's attorney, Keith Wattley.

But a former correctional officer who worked around Pinell for 15 years was not surprised.

"It was an eventuality once the state released him from Pelican Bay or super super max facility," said Don Novey.

Novey remembers the inmate as a quiet but dangerous man.

"You're dealing with a pet rattlesnake in a cage," Novey said.

He says he's a man capable of vicious crimes like slitting the throats of officers Novey knew personally.

"Yogi Pinell was yelling out as they were holding officer Rubiaco down that 'I love killing pigs' and he was slitting his throat with a razor blade and a toothbrush," Novey said.

Novey tells FOX40 that Pinell had climbed to the top of the criminal pyramid in prison.

But attorney Keith Wattley describes the long-time inmate differently.

"These holes drive people crazy, and he wasn't crazy. Far from it. He had reached a level of enlightenment that I was surprised to see," Wattley said.

He calls Pinell a "marked man" who could not escape his past, despite years of good behavior.

Both Wattley and Novey agree on one belief: that the man who spent 43 years in solitary confinement would never survive in the general prison population.

It's something Wattley tried to prevent, but it was too late.

"The first confirmation I got that he was even in the general population, was after we heard that there was a riot and someone had been killed," Wattley said.

Pinell was denied parole 10 times, most recently in May 2014.