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Rio Linda Residents Concerned About Carcinogen in Drinking Water

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Rio Linda residents attending a town hall meeting Thursday came armed with questions about their drinking water.

"I tested for breast cancer and it went in to stage 4," one resident said. "Has anyone done a study on the cancer clusters in this town?"

Nearly 60 percent of the wells within the Rio Linda Community Water District contain levels of a known carcinogen called Chromium 6. The levels exceed the state's new standard.

It's a problem officials at the Rio Linda Community Water District already know about. But, it's a problem they cannot afford to fix, which is why Assemblymember Kevin McCarty, who serves the district, held a town hall style meeting to answer questions.

"I want to make sure we hold the responsible parties accountable" McCarty stated.

A study published in 2014 suggests that the Chrome 6 in the water came from construction work done at the former McClellan Air Force base.

"The model that they used was incomplete, overly simplistic" Air Force representative Phillip Mook told FOX40 Thursday, adding that there was Chrome 6 on the base years ago, "but evidence," Mook says, "indicates it never migrated off base."

State officials did not say where the the Chromium 6 came from, but did say they were investigating.

"I am not satisfied with the answers," McCarty told FOX40 after the meeting,  "I think this is something​ we need to follow up on."

Mary Henrici, with the Rio Linda Community Water District, told FOX40 her staff has applied for a grant from the regional water authority to fix the problem. "We have not been approved yet. If that doesn't work, we will try to take a loan out from the state," Henrici told FOX40.