66-Year-Old Man Survives Bear Attack in Mariposa County

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A 66-year-old California man is happy to be alive after he came face to face with a 250-pound bear.

Thursday morning, Larry Yepez stepped outside his Midpines home in Mariposa County and spotted the bear less than ten feet away.

Yepez says the bear jumped on him and knocked him down.

He says the animal started ripping at his neck and stomach.

“I could hear the crunching — like “crr” like that — when he bit down on it. See and that's why i was trying to hit him again to try and get him off me,” said Yepez. “It was terrifying. I mean, you know I said — that's when I said it kicked in and said, ‘you got to fight, Larry.’”

The bear finally let off when Yepez pushed the bear with both legs.

He says his dog, Benji, distracted it long enough for them to both run inside.

Yepez drove himself to the hospital.

He suffered injuries to his wrist, face, neck and abdomen.

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