Michigan Child Battling Leukemia Challenges Crayola

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D is for Dawson, and drawing — something 5-year-old Dawson Babiak loves to do. Whether it’s superheroes or something else, on paper or window, his tool of choice is always something Crayola.

And his creativity isn’t slowing down, despite the fact Dawson's fighting leukemia, a diagnosis that blindsided Alison and Jason Babiak last November

"Those words are so scary,” said Alison.

“You don't think it could ever happen, ever to your own kid. When the doctor first told us, it’s like no, you have the wrong child,” said Jason.

Dawson started chemo right away, but even on the tough days, sitting in his hospital bed, he found an outlet through art.

"One day the child life specialist came in and brought window markers,” said Alison.

Turning the windows at Devos Children's Hospital into a blank canvas for Dawson and sparking an idea to give back.

"This is something that works, and this is something that all kids, when they're at the hospital, when they're going through this stuff really need,” said Alison.

And so began Dawson's 'Crayola Challenge' shared on the family's 'Prayers for Dawson' Facebook page.

The challenge is to create awareness, and collect as many Crayola products as possible to donate to the hospital. What started as a small pile, quickly turned into a tower.

"We stuffed 20 boxes, copy paper boxes full of crayolas and filled up the back of a minivan, it was amazing. It wasnt just your simple, here's your 8 packs of crayons, it was like huge boxes of 64 or 108 crayons, markers, we had packages that I'd never seen before,” said Jason.

The moment Dawson and his family delivered all the goods — more than 1000 products, worth at least $5,000 — knowing how many smiles they would create was truly priceless.

"When he was able to come and bring it there, I think that's when it kind of really hit him. Like, he's gonna make a lot of kids happy and how can that not feel great," said Alison.

So great, the family put together a video capturing the moment hoping to get Crayola's attention and a matching donation to the hospital.

"We'll see what happens. We hope Crayola steps up, and says we'd like to help out,” said Jason.

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