California Lawmakers Renew Efforts to Pass Right-To-Die Bill

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California lawmakers are reintroducing legislation to allow terminally ill patients to legally kill themselves after an earlier defeat.

Democratic legislators have introduced a right-to-die bill in a special session on health care convened by Gov. Jerry Brown. They are expected to announce their plan Tuesday.

Sens. Lois Wolk of Davis and Bill Monning of Carmel couldn't get support from fellow Democrats to advance a nearly identical bill out of the Assembly Health Committee earlier this year.

Religious groups and Democratic lawmakers who lost parents to cancer were opposed.

The new bill, ABX2-15, bypasses the health committee where previous legislation stalled.

The right-to-die movement has been galvanized by the highly publicized case of 29-year-old Brittany Maynard, who moved to Oregon to legally take her life.

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