Mold Clears Two Classrooms at Lodi School

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Toxic mold has been found in two Julia Morgan Elementary School classrooms, according to the Lodi Unified School District.

Principal Michael Coughlin says he found the mold in a kindergarten classroom and a second grade classroom before school had started. School has been back in session for two weeks.

Coughlin said some teachers began showing symptoms after working in the classrooms, described as common cold-like symptoms.

"I don't like it. No parent likes it or wants their child breathing it," parent Ari Montalban said.

This isn't the first time mold has been found at the school. Last year, it was discovered in five classrooms, and another over the summer.

School officials hope to have the kindergarten room mold-free by Friday before moving onto the second grade room. Before kids can return, all tests must come back clean.

"They do an air scrub, they replace it with new carpet, new ceiling tiles, new walls and then they scrub all the materials from those rooms before they put it back and at the end, they do an air quality sample again," Coughlin said. "And if that proves to be acceptable, then the room can be housed with students again."

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