Local Man Prepares ‘Art Car’ for Burning Man Festival

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Somewhere in Oak Park, sitting in a driveway and nestled between two front lawns, an "art car" sits, waiting to be taken to the 2015 Burning Man Festival.

"It makes everyone smile!" says Richard Fehlman, 62.

Fehlman will be hauling his bright red and yellow circus themed utility vehicle on a trailer. And, it's not his first rodeo. He has been going to Burning Man since the late

"Burning man is about building something. It has to be lightweight, it has to stand up to 70 mile per hour winds!" he told FOX40 Monday.

Fehlman, a retired state worker, spent $1,100 to decorate the vehicle, which doesn't go faster then 7 miles per hour.

Meanwhile, artists from around the world are down to crunch time as the event begins Sunday.

The theme this year is "Carnival of Mirrors." More than 70,000 people are
expected to attend.

Last minute tickets as of Monday were priced at about $600 each.